Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I think im suffering from depression?

I think im suffering from depression? help?my boyfriend broke up with me to have sex with another girl because i wouldnt have sex with him. this guy also happens to be my next door neighbor. i feel worthless. every breath i take is one more that i didnt want to take. i think im suffering from depression and i dont know what to do. he also has hit me before and slit my wrist with a pocket knife. no one but my closest friends know this and i cant tell my mom. i dont know what else to do with my life. i cant take this pain anymore. everytime i see him, i feel like im going to puke. i dont smile anymore and i dont laugh. people are starting to worry. im scared that im loosing myself. please. anybody. help :(
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Best Answer - Chosen by VotersIf you weren't ready (or old enough) to have sex with him then you absolutely did the right thing by saying no. The fact that he's gone straight to someone else and said he is "having sex" only proves that he is an idiot and didn't appreciate you for who you are.Why don't you get the ultimate revenge and be successful in school/college/work and let this little idiot get an STD!