Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Would this work people? (smart people help!)?

Would this work people? (smart people help!)?If i went to a south american country on a cruise ship and bought a kg of pure cocaine for 1000$ , could i possibly (with scuba gear) attach it magnetically to the hull of the ship discretely and then remove it from the hull of the ship once back in a north american port using the same method i used to put it there? kg pure 1000$ down there , here 1 kg = 33,000$ . 1 kg of pure = 3 kgs street worthy when cut....therefor 1000$ = 100,000$.
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Best Answer - Chosen by Votersim gonna watch you get those giant magnets that you need a license for and have it not stick to the hull cuz its the wrong magnet.....lol.....but seriously that is a good idea